Your peace of mind is our assurance

We understand the rigorous applications and demands of different processing industries, from oil & gas to petrochemical to power to LNG. In fact, we believe the depth and breadth of our experience is unmatched, giving customers utmost confidence in our products.

When you’re dealing with flammable media, superheated steam and toxic or nuclear by-products, safety concerns are paramount. ESDVs (emergency shutdown valves) in particular have no margin for error. That’s why each of the valves we supply comes with a proven design track record and material provenance.

Our PMI testing capability goes above and beyond standard industry procedures, proving the composition of valve materials and underpinning our quality assurance.

Industry standards
BS21/BS EN 12266-1:2003 / BS EN122266-2 2002 /BS1873 /BS1868 /BS EN ISO 172:2004
ANSI B16.34 / ANSI B16.10/ BS EN ISO 15761:2006/B16.25/BS EN ISO 10434:2004
ANSI B1.20.1 /ANSI B16.11 / BS EN 12627;1999/API 6D / API 607 /API 6A /BS EN 588-1:1996
API 594 / API 602 /BS EN 588-2:1996/API 600/API 598/NACE MR01-75 latest editions
PED 97/23/EC
ATEX Directive 97/23/EC
Fire Testing to BS 6755, latest specifications

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